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We welcome pull requests on iin-user-contributions.csv.

About is a public web service for searching Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN).

The first 6 digits of a credit card number are known as the Issuer Identification Number (IIN), previously known as Bank Identification Number (BIN). These identify the institution that issued the card to the card holder.

This webservice has an internal database with IIN/BIN information, which is queried via the Rest API. There's no magic or tricky calculations, it's just a database. And although the database is very accurate, don't expect it to be perfect.

Usage for developers

Make HTTP GET requests to{bin}

Supported formats are json.



Due to the very high volume of queries we've implemented a throttling mechanism, which allows at most 1,000 queries per hour. After reaching this hourly quota, all your requests result in HTTP 403 (Forbidden) until it clears up on the next roll over.

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Feel free to share comments, suggestions or any other feedback. We are binlist @ Github and bin_list @ twitter


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